Laminar Flow Hood Why Used In Mushroom Cultivation

A laminar flow hood is used in mycology to create a sterile working environment for the cultivation of fungi. In mycology, fungi are grown in petri dishes or culture flasks containing a nutrient medium that supports their growth. The laminar flow hood provides a continuous flow of sterile air, which helps to prevent contamination of the culture medium by airborne particles, including bacteria and fungal spores.

The laminar flow hood works by drawing air through a filter and directing it in a unidirectional flow over the workspace, carrying any contaminants away from the work area. The sterile air prevents any airborne contaminants from settling on the surface of the culture medium, which could otherwise compromise the growth of the fungi.

In summary, the laminar flow hood is an important tool in mycology as it helps to create a sterile environment for the cultivation of fungi, which is essential for the growth of healthy and viable cultures.


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