Ready-To-Grow Mushroom Bags Coming Beginning of 2024

Ready-To-Grow Mushroom Bags Coming Beginning of 2024

We are  currently working on introducing easy-to-grow inoculated grow bags by the end of the year. Most people who buy these mushroom grow bags are new to growing mushrooms while others are experienced personal growers who find it cheaper to buy ready-made products rather than foraging for all the ingredients and making it themselves.

The mushrooms grow bags we are working on first are strains that grow well at normal room temperatures of 72-75 degrees. We are going to avoid strains like King Oyster at first because they fruit at 65 degrees and below. The average person does not have a 65 degree environment to grow king oyster mushrooms.

We are hoping to launch one to two products at a time in this category before the end of the year to see which ones are the big sellers and which ones are the duds so we can narrow the final selection down to only best sellers.

Our ready-to-grow mushroom bags will weight more than our competitors on average.

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