Ideal for family and school projects, cultivate your own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms effortlessly. Simply inject your preferred mushroom species solution and observe the entire growth journey through a transparent, self-contained grow bag. Spores or liquid culture not provided. Check out our liquid cultures here.

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About Shroomability

What sets us apart from other mushroom substrate companies?

At Shroomability, our distinction lies in the exceptional expertise of our master mushroom substrate artisan, who boasts 29 years of culinary mastery as a gourmet chef. Crafting mushroom substrates from natural, food-grade ingredients is an art, with each recipe requiring careful adjustments. Grain cooking times can vary from one batch to the next, some cooking faster while others need more time to perfect. The advantage we hold over other substrate producers is our unwavering commitment to perfection, with our gourmet chef ensuring that nothing short of excellence makes its way into our products.

Our commitment to using predominantly food-grade ingredients enables us to create the purest and finest mushroom growing substrates on the market.

We vacuum pack most substrates immediately after production. Please allow 2-3 days for your product to be shipped, as we ensure that it reaches you in the best possible condition.