BRF Jars Stalled Out

This is pretty common. What causes the BRF jars to stall out is usually lack of air. Flip the jar upside down for a few days and then turn right side up. That should correct the problem.

If you see jars that stalled out and have mold often of different colors the jars got so warm the temperature killed the fully colonized mycelium and it started decaying and rotted.

The best way to avoid having your BRF Jars stall out if to keep them between 70-78 degree fahrenheit. When mycelium colonizes it produces heat and the substrate in the jar can be 2-3 degrees fahrenheit higher than the room temperature. This is why we recommend keeping the jars between these temps at all times. Some species can handle up to 82 degrees but any higher you may have an issue. Some strains are very aggressive and will grow in anything while others are less aggressive leaving more room for things to go wrong.



We have an assortment of All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags aka "Fun Bags' for your growing pleasure. Fun bags are literally a window into how mother nature produces mushrooms right inside the bag. 

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These bags to not contain spores or liquid culture. Inoculate with your favorite mushroom spores or liquid culture. 

If you have any questions or need advice please contact us.