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Rye Grain Spawn Bag Organic (2 lb)

Rye Grain Spawn Bag Organic (2 lb)

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  • Each grow bag is filled with 2 lb hydrated organic rye grain fortified with food grade calcium and sulfur.
  • After sterilization the bag is double sealed in front of a laminar flood hood.
  • Bags have a self-healing inoculation port & .22 micron gas exchange filter
  • Ready-to-use out of the box
  • Spores not included

Don't forget to buy casing mix if you intend on growing mushrooms with these rye bags. The ratio is 1 part spawn to 1 to 1.5 parts casing mix. Mix the colonized rye with an equal part casing mix in a monotub. Then top it off with a layer of casing mix to cover the colonized spawn. A 1/4" - 1" top layer is acceptable. You want your monotub to be at least 4 inches deep with substrate to prevent premature drying out of the substrate during the fruiting stage.


Inoculate each bag with 2-3 cc's of your favorite mushroom spore solution or liquid culture solution and massage or gently shake the bag to distribute it. Allow the bag to colonize at room temperature between 65-78 degrees for about 4-6 weeks or until fully colonized.

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Absolutely love their products!!! Beautiful packaging amazing customer support 11/10 will buy again!!!


Super fast and very happy with quality

Matthew O.

Fast inoculating grain! Fast shipping!

Justin D.

10/10. Solid shipping speed and sterile grain. Don’t ever hesitate shopping with the folks over at Shroomability!