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Wheat Grain Mushroom Spawn Bags (2 lb)

Wheat Grain Mushroom Spawn Bags (2 lb)

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Featured is our wheat berry mushroom spawn bag that is filled with 2 pounds of hydrated white wheat fortified with gypsum then sterilization and bag is double-sealed in front of a laminar flood hood

  • Bag has a self-healing injection port & 2 micron gas exchange filter
  • Ready-to-use out of the box
  • Made-to-order

    Please allow 2-3 business days before item ships.


Inoculate the bag with 2-3 cc of your favorite mushroom spore solution or liquid culture solution and massage and shake the bag to distribute it. Allow the bag to colonize at room temperature between 70-78 degrees for about 4-6 weeks or until fully colonized.

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