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Injection Ports & Gas Exchange Filters .22 Micron (32 Ct)

Injection Ports & Gas Exchange Filters .22 Micron (32 Ct)

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Features of Injection Ports & Gas Exchange Filters - 0.22 Micron (32 Count)

  • Includes 32 self-healing injection ports with a diameter of 13mm for spore injections.
  • Comprises 32 self-adhesive synthetic filters with a 0.22-micron rating and a 3/4" size for efficient gas exchange.
  • Comes with a roll of 3M Micropore tape measuring 1/2".
  • Ideal for creating lids for spawn and liquid culture jars.

Instructions: Easily create lids by using a high-speed drill with a 1/4" metal drill bit to make two holes in the lid. The filters and injection ports are designed to fit perfectly in 1/4" or 7mm holes. Place micropore tape under metal lids to prevent rust from coming into contact with the substrate.

  • Autoclavable and reusable.
  • If you are looking for individual filters or injection ports, please explore our other product listings.
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